Central Europe's first CAT PUB, the Whiskers Cat Pub is waiting for you with craft beers, delicious cocktails and LIVING cats!

Nyitvatartás szardatól péntekig 16-24h-ig

The Cat Pub

A unique concept now opened its doors in Hungary.
After the cat cafés, here is Whiskers, the first cat pub.
Craft beers, delicious cocktails and cats are waiting for their guests.

Our cats

Get to know our purring ones ;)



Pikachu a unique character in our team. A true ex-stallion, but he only lives with his memories today. He is the 'laying in your lap' type, if you come to your heels, he will be grateful.



Luna is the pearl in our pub. The only lady who represents our 'clerisy'. :) Despite her sad past she is a very happy kitty.



His Ginger majesty puts the loony gang in their places with his four paws. Sometimes quite strict but can purr a lot :D


Please, always be considerate, since we have cats.

Do not give food and drinks to the cats.

Do not lift them up, they don't like it so it can end badly. :D

Do not use flash when taking photos, cats' eyes are more sensitive than humans'.